Our mission is to produce the best solid surface stone products.
Our vision is to be the leader of the solid surface stone products.

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For the past 7 years' continuous growth, Fujiashi has completed a series of important projects which includes the new facilitated workshop, the bright office buildings, and the comfortable staff quarters.
Looking at Fujiashi now, the beautiful water gate welcomes quests around the world, the fish pond, the roadside trees, and the fragrant flowers are everywhere to be seen.
The well equipped Training Room, the Activity Room has become the important places for Fujiashi employees to have their further study and upgrades, and the pleasure and relaxation as well.
Exchange of workers' experiences, visiting other manufacturers and travel has become the key part of Fujiashi employee management system.
The Management and rules of operations, technical standards, quality standards, safety standards are set up for all employees and their posts.
The quality signs, safety signs, friendly alerts are posted at eye-catching positions.
We are not only concerned about the production, but concerned more about our employees.


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