Q: What are the main ingredients of the Fujiashi products ?
A: The main components are those special unsaturated polyester resins, methyl methacrylate, and natural minerals such as aluminum hydroxide (not plastic or synthetic marble) . Fujiashi products are known as the advanced polymer composite solid surface material for decoration purposes.
Q:  At the time of renovations for the same place, will there be any color differences ?
A: There will be no chromatic aberration once the installation is complete, but renovation cannot guarantee that the color is consistent with the originally installed countertop color.
Q: What's the best way for daily care of Fujiashi product?
A: Simply wipe with a soft fine gauze, the water and soap. Those commonly used glass cleaning agents is regarded the best to keep the surface smooth and clean.
Q: Is it true that some color is more durable ?
A: No, all Fujiashi products that you purchase remain solid quality with years of reliable service.
Q: What shall I do if I accidentally scratched the surface?
A: Better wiping tools will let more shiny Fujiashi products. e.g. a wet white polishing rods polishing together with other countertop sections, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.
Q: Can I consider a sink in the already installed countertop?
A: Absolutely,  you should measure it correctly to match the size. For more info. please consult our local dealers in your area. 
Q: Shall I purchase the sink and tap before installing the countertop?
A: Common sizes do exist, but we suggest you consult with the dealer before you make a decision.
Q: My installation plan is far different to what I have seen in Fujiashi brochure, any other options do I have? 
A: Certainly. What we usually recommend is the most accepted ones by our installers and most of our customers as well.  You can always consult with our dealers in your area.
Q: Can I place the raw veggies and meat on the countertop?  
A: Yes, you can. Fujiashi products do not have any slit, no bacterial pathogens can hide on top of it; Fujiashi products are rewarded with United States NSF certification, it is safe, therefore, for the food to have direct contact with the the countertop.
We strongly recommend that you always keep countertop clean.
Q: Who is going to install my purchase countertop ?
A: The fabricators are well trained and licensed by us. The licensed fabricators will guarantee the correct installation of your purchased countertop.
Q: Can I DIY Fujiashi products?
A: Yes, you can, but we strongly suggest that installation will be done by our licensed fabricators.
Q: Where can I find the most proper fabricator nearest me?  
A: You can always contact us for more info.
Q: Can I use Fujiashi stone as a kitchen cutting board?
A: Yes, you can do so, but no matter how you will take care of it if you insist on using it as a kitchen cutting board, cuts and scratches on board will be inevitable. 
Q: What shiny effect will I expect with Fujiashi countertop?
A: Fujiashi can be processed into matte, semi matt, shinny polish. Please consult with our local dealer for more info.
Q: Can Fujiashi be used as floors?
A: Fujiashi is widely used for staircases, but it is not recommended for floors. Only those big grained Fujiashi color stones can endure wear and scratches.
Q: I learned that a hot pan could scorch solid surface materials. How can I prevent heat damage?
A: Fujiashi products are heat-resistant, it can endure 100 Celsius temperature degrees, but high temperatures and flames are still going to hurt. In most cases, such heat damage can be repaired.   To protect your property, we strongly suggest you use an insulated pad or a tripod for the hot pan.


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